Cleveland – Cumbria – Durham – Northumberland – North Yorkshire

Saturday 8 February 2020


1st Event – 12.30

SELECTION- If you wish to be selected to represent Durham County at the Inter-County Championships, details of which are below.  Please download the selection letter Inter County XC Ammended Selection Letter 2020 Read it carefully and complete the reply slip at the end of this letter and return it to me by post (Mr S. Hannaford, County Durham Schools’ Cross- Country Secretary, 18 Cannobie Close, Darlington, Co Durham, DL3 8RU or by email by Monday 27 January 2020. The selected teams will be posted on the website on Tuesday 28 January 2020.


Best approached along the A6 from Shap, but otherwise follow Sat Navs and final local brown signposted directions from the A66.

Please park as directed by Castle stewards in the ample nearby parking for cars, minibuses and coaches and these could be used as bases in poor weather?


The provisional course map will be published asap.

At present the course is very wet. They are subject to change due to local conditions. Courses are on mixed grazed farmland with both gradual uphill /downhill sections and best suited to spike/studded or fell shoes. There are some tracks to cross. Public access to the parkland so courses can be inspected by your athlete’s prior to the event.

A course inspection will take place on the morning at 09.00 to ensure event is safe to run.

All participants are reminded of their duty of care for each other, if they suspect that someone, athlete or spectator is in need of medical assistance you must act accordingly.

Any athlete who has concerns about a safety aspect on the course should bring it to the attention of the CSAA organisers immediately and/or the Referee, Mr. John Driscoll immediately. If the issue cannot be resolved satisfactorily the athlete will be advised not to participate in the event. Athletes, staff and spectators are advised to check their anti-tetanus injections are up to date.

Provisional Times/Distances:

  1. 30 Senior   Boys     6530m
  2. 50 Minor    Girls     2700m
  3. 05 Minor    Boys     2700m
  4. 20 Junior    Girls     3500m
  5. 40 Junior    Boys     3830m
  6. 00 Inter      Girls     3830m
  7. 20 Inter      Boys     5400m
  8. 40 Senior   Girls     4500m


There will be refreshments available to purchase in the Castle cafe at the back of the courtyard a short distance from the start/finish area, but you are advised to bring your own as well. Toilets are located at the back of the courtyard as directed. First Aid is by Medics UK.


Unfortunately there is NO covered area for Counties to meet, or be based but have indicated on the map a very sheltered area for teams to base themselves, which is only a short distance from start/finish areas.

There are also I am afraid as of yet NO changing or showering facilities.

In these days of celebration, we have to think about how we can keep our health as good as our championship! Therefore, if you feel that these emotions have increased your blood pressure or that of a family member, click this link here now for more information for any questions related to the subject.

We plan to present medals straight after each race for 1-3rd and team trophy within 10 minutes of the last runner in each race near to the finish funnel. Overall trophy will be presented ASAP after the last race.

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