Durham County Schools’ Selection Procedure For The English Schools’ Track and Field Championships

All Athletes

Athletes gain their place by the following criteria

  1. By Achieving a National Standard in either the County Championships or The Inter-County Event
  2. By Achieving an Entry Standard in either the County Championships or The Inter-County Event
  3. Results from other ratified events, during the current  year, will be taken into consideration
  4. If permission is given, athletes may take part in other events on the two county days, and the results from these events will be taken into consideration.



In the event of the number of standards exceeding the permitted number of athletes allowed, then places will be allotted in the following order.

  • National Standards
  • Entry Standards will be listed and National Rankings from the Power of 10 will be applied to the performance. The places will be awarded to the highest ranked athletes in their event until all places are filled.
  • If there are places available after all the qualified athletes have been included then the performance of the other athletes will be assessed according to the National Rankings from the Power of 10 and their Year group and places will be awarded at the committee’s discretion.


Team Selection of the athletes who have gained their places with National and Entry Standards will be published after the selection meeting. If there are any places left to be filled, the Final Team Selection will be published after the deadline for entries to allow for any athlete who gains a standard in the intervening period, at a ratified event, to be included and clause 3 applied.


The decision of the County Selection Committee is Final and conforms with the ESAA notes on Participation in ESAA Events from ESAA website. ESAA Notes for Parents