Inter County Cross Country

Northern Schools’ Inter-County Cross Country Championships 

Saturday 04 February 2017


Venue: Kirkby Stephen Grammar School, Christian Head, Kirkby Stephen.  CA17 4HA.

Arrangements for the above competition.    PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

  1. All athletes should meet the team management at the County Tent on the course no later than 1 hour before their race (Timetable is on the map below)..
  2. Durham County vests will be issued and MUST be worn (only plain white T-shirts can be worn under the running vest).
  3. ALL KIT MUST BE RETURNED AFTER YOUR RACE to your Team Manager by YOU personally (Athletes who do not return kit will be billed and may not be considered for future County selection).
  4. Athletes may not leave the venue until they have checked out with their Team Manager and returned their kit.
  5. If you have ordered a County sweatshirt, they will be available at the event. They will be available for collection from the team management at the County Tent.
  6. Selection for the National Championship will follow the Inter-County competition. All successful athletes will be notified by POST inviting them to run for Durham County at the National Championships on the 18th March 2017 at the Norfolk County Showground, Norwich.
  7. Reserves will also be notified.
  8. Please note there is no progression to the National Championships for Year 7 athletes.


  1. The course map is below. However, there may be the need for alterations, but athletes will be informed of any changes on the day.
  1. All parking is in the School Car Park.
  1. Athletes should come ready changed. Please hand any valuables to Team Managers for safe keeping

The Following Athletes are booked on the minibus and will be picked up at the following times and Service areas. The minibus is now full. If any of the athletes below decide to make their own way, please can you let Mr Hannaford know ASAP.

Name Area Pick Up
Jamie Reed Durham Central Washington Services (southbound) 8.45am
Matthew Phillips West Wearside Washington Services (southbound)
James Martin South Tyneside Washington Services (southbound)
 Cameron Johnston  Durham Central  Washington Services (southbound)
Emily Gill Gateshead Washington Services (southbound)
Sean Mackie Wearside Washington Services (southbound)
Cameron Lacombe  Wearside  Washington Services (southbound)
Molly Fullord Durham Central Durham Services  9am
Joseph Grenan-Bradley Durham Central Durham Services
Tara Sebastiao-Yatsuzuka Durham Central Durham Services

County Durham Team Selected for Northern Schools’ Inter-County Cross Country (Saturday 4 February 2017)

MG Name Area
1 Erin Keeler-Clarke Durham Central Confirmed
2 Katie Francis Gateshead Confirmed
3 Abigail Twaites Gateshead Confirmed
4 Lucy Scothern West Wearside Confirmed
5 Mia Openshaw West Wearside Confirmed
6 Holly Cook Durham Central Confirmed
7 Elizabeth McKinnon West Wearside Confirmed
8 Florence Archer Durham Central Confirmed
9 Tara Sebastiao-Yatsuzuka Durham Central Confirmed
10 Madelaine Turner Durham Central Confirmed
MB Name Area
1 Christopher Perkins West Wearside Confirmed
2 Charlie Wood Darlington Confirmed
3 Owen Davison Durham Central Confirmed
4 Tyree Moss-Henry Darlington Confirmed
5 George Peacock South West Durham Confirmed
6 George McArthur Gateshead Confirmed
7 Adam Barrett Gateshead Unavailable
8 Lewis McBeth West Wearside Confirmed
9 Freddie Langton South West Durham Confirmed



Samuel Talman

Scott Thompson





Guest Nathaniel Bell Darlington Withdrawn
JG Name Area
1 Emily Chong Durham Central Confirmed
2 Lydia Jones West Wearside Confirmed
3 Rebecca Wren Gateshead Confirmed
4 Anna Pigford Durham Central Confirmed
5 Cecilia Reid Gateshead Confirmed
6 Harriet Rogers Darlington Unavailable
7 Tess Graham South West Durham Confirmed
8 Scarlett Newby Durham Central Confirmed
9 Emily Salmon Durham Central Confirmed
10 Abbie Lewis Gateshead Confirmed
11 Bethany Chapman South Tyneside Confirmed
12 Caitlin Minns Darlington Confirmed
13 Chloe Fairclough South West Durham Confirmed
14 Megan Noble Darlington Confirmed
15 Bethany Wilson South West Durham Confirmed
16 Jade Thirlwell Easington Confirmed


Olivia McCready

Nicole Phillips





JB Name Area
1 Daniel Joyce Gateshead Unavailable
2 Samuel Gibson Durham Central Confirmed
3 Peter Cook Durham Central Confirmed
4 David Race West Wearside Confirmed
5 James Roberts Darlington Confirmed
6 Charlie Phillips Durham Central Confirmed
7 Jamie Barnshaw South Tyneside Confirmed
8 William McKenna Durham Central Confirmed
9 Thomas Wraith South West Durham Confirmed
10 Joshua Wraith South West Durham Confirmed
11 John Russell Darlington Confirmed
12 Izaak Taylor Darlington  Confirmed
13 Liam Eastaugh West Wearside Confirmed
14 Oscar Taylor Darlington Confirmed
15 Adam Russell Darlington Confirmed
16 Adam Ord South West Durham Unavailable
17 Daniel Boyer Darlington Confirmed
18 Chris Coulson West Wearside Confirmed
Guest Henry Johnson West Wearside Confirmed
Guest Cameron Larcombe Wearside Confirmed
IG Name Area
1 India Pentland South West Durham Withdrawn
2 Catherine Roberts Darlington Confirmed
3 Sophie Robson South Tyneside Confirmed
4 Eva Hardie West Wearside Confirmed
5 Eve Quinn West Wearside Confirmed
6 Jessica Leslie South Tyneside Confirmed
7 Hannah Short Derwentside Withdrawn
8 Stella Jones Darlington Confirmed
9 Sarah Knight Wearside Confirmed
10 Lily Hardie West Wearside Confirmed
11 Amy Jack Durham Central Confirmed
12 Ellie Phillips Darlington Confirmed
13 Hannah Holman South Tyneside Confirmed
14 Ishbel Speirs Gateshead Confirmed
15 Lisa Thornley Gateshead Confirmed
16 Eve Southern West Wearside Confirmed


Emily Jones

Nicole Coulson

South Tyneside




IB Name Area
1 Jamie Reed Durham Central Confirmed
2 Ben Horsfield Durham Central Confirmed
3 Max Harris Darlington Confirmed
4 Cameron Thomas South West Durham Confirmed
5 Matthew Phillips West Wearside Confirmed
6 James Martin South Tyneside Confirmed
7 Lewis Charlton Wearside Confirmed
8 Ryan Watson South West Durham Confirmed
9 Dillion Openshaw West Wearside Confirmed
10 James Le Poidevin Darlington  Withdrawn as no form returned
11 Oliver Barrett West Wearside Unavailable
12 Jacob Stephenson Durham Central Confirmed
13 Caleb Ellis South West Durham Confirmed
14 Daniel Sylvester Durham Central Confirmed
15 Jonathan Langley West Wearside Confirmed


Will Lindsey

Jack Watson

Durham Central

Durham Central



Guest Nathan Bland Wearside Confirmed
SG Name Area
1 Lucy-Erin Hunter Darlington Withdrawn
2 Olivia Bateman Gateshead Confirmed
3 Laura Kirkham Darlington Confirmed
4 Kezia Dowsett Durham Central Confirmed
5 Sara Lipscombe South Tyneside Confirmed
6 Charlotte Kenyon Durham Central Confirmed
7 Molly Fullord Durham Central Confirmed
8 Sadie Abel Darlington Confirmed
9 Katie Noble Darlington Confirmed
10 Emily Gill Gateshead Confirmed
11 Alice Hopper Durham Central Confirmed


Mikayla Jordens

Amelia Leslie


South Tynesdide



SB Name Area
1 Alex Brown Durham Central  Withdrawn
2 Michael Wade Durham Central Confirmed
3 Cameron Allan Durham Central Confirmed
4 Luke Pickering Durham Central Confirmed
5 Joseph Grenan-Bradley Durham Central Confirmed
6 Ben Lambert Darlington Confirmed
7 Jack Brown Gateshead Confirmed
8 Sean Mackie Wearside Confirmed
9 James Rainbow Gateshead Confirmed Withdrawn
10 Jamie Wood Darlington Withdrawn
11 Will Morgan-Rippon Durham Central Confirmed
12 James Cummins Gateshead Confirmed
13 Conal Tufnell South Tyneside Confirmed
14 James Greer Darlington Confirmed
15 Tom Matthews South West Durham Confirmed
16 Jacob Hopkins Gateshead Confirmed
17 Tom Carter South West Durham Confirmed
 18 Cameron Johnston  Durham Central  Confirmed

Northern Inter- Counties Schools’ Cross-Country Championships Saturday 6th February 2016

Congratulations to all of the runners who represented Durham Schools’ in the Northern Inter-County Cross Country Championships.

SBICXC2016 (28)

Please go to the Gallery to view all of the photographs.

The results were as follows:

ICXC Results 2016_Page_1 ICXC Results 2016_Page_2 ICXC Results 2016_Page_3 ICXC Results 2016_Page_4 ICXC Results 2016_Page_5 ICXC Results 2016_Page_6 ICXC Results 2016_Page_7 ICXC Results 2016_Page_9

Senior Girls 2016